Crawling, Indexing, Ranking, Learning!


You might have read our first blog in this SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) series where we described search engines as large robots with massive memories. Well, it’s time to keep imagining that as we explore 3 key areas that these robots work on to deliver users the relevant content.

This will help our clients to understand the process involved in SEO.


The process in which the so-called robot or search engine crawls around the world wide web looking over code and content for each active URL they find. The content doesn’t just have to be a web page, it can be an image, PDF, or a video, but each piece of content must have a URL.


The search engine then starts to store and organise the content based on what it’s found, once it’s been indexed, it’s in the running to be displayed as one of the user’s search results.


The search engine then decides on a bit of a top 10 (or top one million in most cases) of what it deems to be most appropriate to the search term. It displays the results in a more relevant to least relevant order.

How fast was that?

If you’ve ever used a search engine or simply typed a search term in your address bar – you’ll know just how quickly your results are turned over to you – almost instantly. It’s quite incredible that search engines can discover and index all of this content so quickly and give you their results.

How do I make this happen for my website?

Activ are here to support direct clients and franchisees to in turn help their clients with SEO. You don’t need to know how to go about setting this all up for your website – that’s what we’re hear for. It can however, be helpful to understand the process so you know exactly what you’re paying for!

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