Managing a live PPC campaign


You’ve worked hard, your campaign is live but maybe it’s not performing as well as you’d hoped? Or maybe you can see some opportunities to improve it and get some better results for your investment? Here are our top tips to keep on top of your campaign while it’s running to get the best possible outcome:

1. Add more keywords

Expand the reach of your campaign by adding more keywords, make sure they’re relevant and cover long-tail phrases too.

2. Add negative keywords

Google allows you to add a list of keywords to ‘rule out’ when it comes to your buiness. This can help improve your quality score and of course reduce your all-important spend.

3. Split up your ad groups

An ad group contains more than one advert that shared similar targets, you can split these up to better organise your adverts along a common theme. So, for cupcakes (we’re obsessed), you could organise your ad groups by keywords for delivery or keywords for collection. Your ad text can then be more relevant to those audience groups.

4. Review expensive keywords

If you’re getting high spend on under-performing keywords, it’s time to face the facts and just switch them off. You’re bound to have other keywords in the list that perform a lot better.

5. Refine your landing pages

When you’re considering splitting your ad groups, you could also consider splitting up or adding more landing pages that are more specific with better, more clear call-to-actions to boost your conversion rates. Try not to send all your campaign traffic to the same website page or you will end up with very skewed results.

Managing your PPC adverts is all about researching, testing, checking, reporting, budgeting and repeating yourself until you get the results that you really need. For small businesses without a marketing function, it can be very time consuming, so that’s where we step in. Have a chat to your local consultant (link) this week about how we might be able to help you with PPC.

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