Why does my business need to invest in SEO?


We’re almost at the end of our SEO campaign and we hope you’ve enjoyed learning with us all about Search Engine Optimisation. The only thing we’d like to leave you with is exactly why we think your business would benefit from SEO. Here are our thoughts:

1. Organic Search

Remember when we talked about all things “organic”? It shouldn’t be underestimated even though it’s free and might be tempting to get instant results from paid campaigns. Google is the most visited website in the world and being highly visible on their search engine will always work in a brand’s favour.

2. Visibility

Increased visibility is one of the end goals when you invest in SEO. It should be designed to make it easier for users to find you when they search for something that you offer. Visibility is then in turn directly related to your ranking on search engine results. Don’t we all want to be more visible where possible?

3. Traffic

Building that awareness of your brand is crucial. Users may not buy something on their first visit, but they might find interesting enough content on your website that makes then return and purchase or book or contact you at a later date. Increased traffic means increased visibility, which means increased search rankings…

4. Visitor experience

All of this SEO work is designed to get the user to the most relevant page and content as quickly as possible, therefore making their experience of your website the best it can possibly be. This in turn will make you a more credible and trustworthy brand to buy services or product from.

5. Growth

The ultimate SEO goal is to ensure that your business grows online. It’s not an overnight fix and it can take months to perfect and see you out-ranking competitors if you want to do it effectively and measure it in all of the right places. But all this talk of improved traffic, a better visitor experience, etc can also mean increased conversions which means more sales, more loyal customers and more growth for your business.

6. OK, I’m convinced, sign me up!

Activ has a number of franchisees all over the UK who can help you on your SEO journey. Contact us today to get things started so we can help your business grow.

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